I am an intuitive editing system for the administration of the contents of websites, e-shop and portal

I am used by more than

users on 60 websites, e-shops and portals

Our editing system is a system of the 5th generation

We call it: Firon CMS 2.0 Lameeq and it is able to administer the following

Current affairs

News, current affairs and articles - you can publish everything easily and quickly.


Get contacts of your customers and send them current news or offers.

Twitter plug in

Tweet automatically with every message put.


Upload pictures from events, references and projects en bloc, name them and divide them into categories.

Weather forecast

You will surely take the opportunity to indicate up-to-date weather information on a tourist portal or on the websites of a hotel or guest house.

Facebook plug in

You do not have to put news in Facebook manually. Leave it up to the editing system.

YouTube module

Add and share videos from YouTube.


Get a feedback from your customers, as well as inquiries and contacts.


You will boast of your work, products or services, without taking a lot of trouble over it.


You can download orders, contacts and other key outputs and process them further.

Opinion polls

Ask about an opinion and just call on your prospective customer to act.


This elaborate module will enable you to present information in an interesting form – quite unexpectedly in the form of a map.


A catalogue and e-shop without products is unthinkable, so you will have them.

Multi-upload of files

We admit that uploading files individually, one after another, is really annoying nowadays. So do it at once, en bloc.


  • The contents of a website can be modified even by an absolute layman
  • Access to administration from any place where there is an Internet connection
  • The user does not have to roam an unclear administrative interface
  • Possibility of setting expiration times for individual articles/pages
  • Economies from the training of users


  • Editing the contents of a website – adding, editing and erasing texts and pictures
  • Possibility of creating an unlimited website structure (pages and sub-pages)
  • Editing is going on in a real environment, directly on the website
  • Working with texts using a WYSIWYG editor (similar to MS Word)
  • Adding pictures, files and references in an easy way

Work with me is easy

really everyone can handle it

A MENU strip will help you as part of the website structure
You can relocate contents on a page easily
All contents are added onto a page
by a single button

Editing contents directly on a page - FastClick

A new generation of the FastClick system. The editing of contents is going on directly in the place you want to edit. You do not lose context with the proportions of a website. You edit all contents directly on a page.

A high-quality editor is available to you, by means of which you can structure a text or add references, headings or pictures, exactly as you need.

Drag & drop

Drag & drop

Relocating contents on a page is done intuitively, through drag & drop technology, that means in a similar way as in the case of relocating icons on the screen of your computer.

In this way you can relocate texts on a page as well as pictures in the gallery. By analogy you can move unnecessary contents into the basket.

Intuitive administration
of sub-pages – Smart Menu

An intelligent menu will show you round complex modifications of the whole website or e-shop. You administer there the structure (or categories) and you can also improve SEO by naming pages consistently, by selecting addresses or by filling in meta-tags – everything is under your control.



We also think of the security of your data and your presentation.


Communication is done through a certificate-secured channel (HTTPS) and the application has been designed with the accent on technologies preventing possible abuse or breaking through the system. Nobody will ascertain your password or other sensitive data you enter in the editing system.

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